Yearbook Photos

Page 20- Mike Acosta to Kevin Asbra

 Page 21- Donald Ashton to Robert Barry


Page 22- Cole Barrymore to Dan Berrier


Page 23- Steven Berry to Cindy Bowles


Page 24- Lisa Bowles to Susan Brown



Page 25- Rhonda Bruce to John Carper


Page 26- Rick Carrasco to Christine Colin


Page 27- Stephanie Colin to Karen Dack


Page 28- David Dahl to Sandra Denton


Page 29- Mike Deokovick to Gordon Duff


Page 30- Kathleen Durdra to Dean Ennulat


Page 31-Lorraine Erdmann to Alen French


Page 32- Patty French to Joseph Giles


Page 33- Alan Gilliland to Les Grubbs


Page 34- Lisa Grubbs to Leticia Haro


Page 35- David Harrell to Randy Hill


Page 36- Valerie Hill to Nancy Hsu


Page 37- Cynthia Hubbard to Heidi Jaske


Page 38- George Jeffes to Laura Katzer


Page 39- Lisa Kay to Shelly Knowles


Page 40-  Tracy Knox to Leslie Leach


Page 41- Susanna Lee to Donna Logsdon


Page 42- Eida Lopez to Kathy Magotch


Page 43- Lynda Mahaffey to Jamie McAdam


Page 44- Coral McAllister to Williams McRae


Page 45- John Mead to Linda Moshan


Page 46- Chris Muncy to Jennifer Nottingham


Page 47- Michael to Devon Paugh


Page 48- Michael Payne to Monica Potter


Page 49- Colette Pretot to Monica


Page 50-  Barbara Resnek to Lynne Rodgers


Page 51- Toni Rodriquez to Kristen Schwower


Page 52- Christa Sears to Mitchell Simpson



Page 53- Lisa Singer to JoLee Steketee



Page 54- Annette Stenzel to Richard Thackerson



Page 55- Rhonda Thole to Eric Uglum



Page 56- Brett Upton to Helena Von Starschedel


Page 57- Shawn Vonesh to Gary Westwell


Page 58- Terri Wharton to Darell Wong


Page 59- Tonya Wood to Delaina Zylstra