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02/05/10 03:27 PM #26    

Barbara Mason (Oltman)

Yes, ditto on the above comments. Thanks to the committee! I'm enjoying the memory book!

07/28/10 06:00 PM #27    

Robert Auth

Cool to see this forum still active. Sean Mckean was a Mcgaugh sealbeacher as well as HBHS, I saw him at my surprise bday party back in 79. I heard he had been killed as part of something that went really wrong. i never heard the other story. Rex hope you see this.  Just thought i would fill in on what i heard.

12/04/10 07:35 AM #28    

Brian Chaffee

I just found this website last night!  I was thinking about our 10th year reunion, and all the people that I knew at Huntington Beach High and McGaugh.  I think that this is a great idea, and I'll keep my profile up to date.  Thanks to the committee . . .

01/01/11 11:31 AM #29    

Cathie LeVa (Panis)

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  The past year has left me blessed with a loving husband and a life better than I could ever imagine.  Claude and I have a wonderful but busy life trying to sell our houses and combine households - lot of work but enjoying it and the end result is worth it.  Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.  Looking forward to our next get together.....

01/03/11 06:17 PM #30    

Laurie Kahn (Hughes)

In regards to Fritz... I remember a Fritz but don't remember his last name.


01/04/11 11:28 AM #31    

Brian Marshman

I noticed from an e mail that no one knows Fritz Waltjen, well I knew him well. Please let him onto this site for he belongs with all of us even though he was a strange dude. Class of 79 rocks.

01/04/11 08:30 PM #32    

Eleanor Carey (Bolick)

Was he in the band? I think I knew a Fritz from HBHS band...

03/09/11 11:36 PM #33    


Michael O'Brien

Fritz has been granted access...    :)

06/02/11 08:25 AM #34    

Frederick (Fritz) Waltjen

Thanks Brian! I am looking for old friends! find me on facebook as "Fritz Wltjn"

08/16/11 07:50 PM #35    

Mike Vucinic

 Just want to say hello to all my old classmates 

01/18/12 02:52 PM #36    

Lynette Steele

how about moving this whole thing to Facebook?

10/07/12 05:03 AM #37    

Kim Douillard

Good idea Lynette! Thats where a lot of classmates are! 

10/07/12 09:22 PM #38    


Michael O'Brien

we can do more on this site as far as staying in touch directly. You can do Facebook at the same time. You can also limit what is seen by the general public which as an issue with some people. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. There are many classmates who are only on this site and don't want to use Facebook as well. More is better in this case.


10/07/12 09:53 PM #39    


Sally Cardinal

Yes. FB is great but this place serves the purpose of just all my classmates in one place, FB is everyone I ever knew and know.

Thanks for keeping this alive.

10/12/14 01:59 PM #40    

Diane Messina

Does anybody remember that weird guy that called himself Jesse James and lived in car across the street from HBHS??

How random huh?

10/14/14 07:28 AM #41    

William Drake

yup, i can remember jesse james. i can also remember staying away from him.make ya wonder where he's parked now


06/23/15 11:39 AM #42    


Michael O'Brien

Wow, haven't been here for a long time. Just seeing that its still here and up and running.

07/01/17 09:09 PM #43    


Mark Gatlin

 Anybody going to the alumni picnic at Lake Park on the 30th? 

07/02/17 01:10 PM #44    


Patty French

Maybe. Do you have details?

07/08/17 10:02 AM #45    

Mike Vucinic

Mark, we missed you at the 4th this year. I will be working the US Open surfing contest that day but I will walk down to Lake park for the event. Hope to see you there.

10/09/18 07:52 PM #46    

Mike Vucinic

Is there anybody out there?

10/10/18 07:14 PM #47    

Louis Meyers

I’m out here. If there is a reunion anytime soon, I’ll attend.

10/11/18 10:17 AM #48    

Tessa Van der Loo (Rawlings)

I'm out here, somewhere


10/11/18 02:22 PM #49    

Nadine Mendoza (Criscuolo)

I’m here too!

10/12/18 10:20 AM #50    

Donna Logsdon (Schilder)

There's an HBHS Class of 1979 40th Reunion Facebook page.  I suggest you join the group if you're on FB.  A beach party has been suggested if no one has another plan.  Other than that, I haven't seen any plans for a reunion.

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