1979'ers now!

 Its the latest Reunion Committee meeting.  Left to Right.   Teri Harbour, Michael O'Brien, Dawn Potter, Mike Vucinic, Carol Jensen, Kim Wells, Alex Alvarez, Cathie LeVa.

(I used our names in high school since adding all the names from the women would have run the text on this page about 50 extra lines.   :)



Michelle Giacopuzzi and Marjorie Immordino


Michael O'Brien and Claude Panis

Yes, Claude has had the same tan for a couple decades.  :)




Cathie and Teri checking out the new reunion site. Oh, I forgot to mention that the building isn't done being built where our reception is at.



Tumbleweeds Bar where the BuzzDawgs performed featuring some Class of '79 band members. The band played well and the place was packed. Everyone there had a great time talking (actually yelling) with each other.  LOL

Here are some pictures of Class of 79 attendees. We used cell phones, so don't expect epic photography.  :)



Kevin Doyle and Bill Burrows


Dawn Potter, Carol Jensen, Mike (Jeremiah) Vucinic, Bill Burrows


Carol (Jensen) Gould and Curt Ricardo 



Kim (Wells) Wells, Carol (Jensen) Gould, Shari (Repecko) Augustin, Dawn (Potter) Rusick



Kim (Wells) Wells and Dawn (Potter) Rusick



BUZZDAWG: Curt Ricardo (class of 78) Mike Baker (NA) Paul Todd ('79), Dan Berrier ('79), Kevin Doyle ('79)