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01/22/19 02:18 PM #70    

Greg Brett

I am interested in attending.

01/22/19 07:04 PM #71    


Robert Sneed

If Kim Wells is going...then I'm all in.

01/23/19 09:16 AM #72    

Craig Ball

Hopefully it will be before I move back east!

02/03/19 08:38 AM #73    


Mark Gatlin

Many thanks and kudos to all of you are planning this event!  

I’ll be down there as well and I vote for a day that coincides with the same weekend as the all alumni picnic at Lake Park. Someone had suggested we have it the day before or after the picnic so that we can attend both, for those of us who are coming from out of town.


02/04/19 12:52 PM #74    


Valerie Sakrekoff (Delzer)

So because this Classmate forum has posting limitations, I decided to run a poll over in the Facebook group to gauge what date people are interested in going to the 40th reunion. So far there has been a good response of at least 22 people on the poll and several other comments in general in the thread. Take a look and cast your vote here:

Note: I am doing this on my own and have not partnered with anybody on managing the reunion. I still say you guys should step up to post in the FB group if you think you can commit to managing it. 

02/04/19 01:41 PM #75    


Sally Cardinal

FYI: Unbeknownst to me this page is public and can be read by anyone. Silly me, I assumed it was only for persons from our class.


EDIT: Chris A. set up the Class of ‘79 reunion page in 2013. He is from a previous year. He’s a collector of all things HBHS and has shared a lot of history with everyone on the Alumni Page. We can plan the reunion there or here or somewhere else. The question is where will we reach more people? The most important thing is to get the word out.

Both Kim and Valerie seem to have the ball rolling on the locations and dates. Thank you ladies.



02/04/19 01:44 PM #76    


Valerie Sakrekoff (Delzer)

Sally, you and I go way back to Dwyer in 7th grade. Orchestra and flute were my thing back then. Do you remember?
I connected with MaryAnn Sanchez many years ago but haven't heard from her lately. Do you remember her too?


02/04/19 01:54 PM #77    


Valerie Sakrekoff (Delzer)

Gosh, there I am on page 236 of the 1978 HBHS Cauldron Yearbook. As a Junior which is the year I graduated 1 year early by taking the CHSPE.
Gosh, does that count me OUT since I graduated 1 year early?? Count me out of the 1979 gang? wink

02/04/19 03:55 PM #78    


Kim Wells

Valerie & Sally,

I just saw your post and had time to log in.  I updated your status as guest to Classmate!  Thanks for posting that because I dont have my yearbooks handy and you were in the system this way.  I believe you were at the 30 yr right?

Anyway... Claude Panis and I have both reached out to find out about securing a local venue in HB for July, Aug, Sept sometime.  Pending at this time but we did receive some feedback.  Just wanted to let everyone who reads this that "some" stuff has been put out there.


We had a committee last year and so far nobody has stepped forward to say they will be committee members.  I have yet to post on my facebook.  If you want to add me, my fb page is under Kim VVells (yeah, thats two V's).  Anyway... anyone can email me at if they would like to and I will be happy to accept comments, etc.  We may hire a company to do it but we have always had a little more control.  I think once the venue is selected we should be good! 

Sally Cardinal (HI!!!) We actually did have a Class of 79 facebook page but I dont know what happened to it.  I remember being part of the admin on it but I could barely keep up with my own facebook page.  I will see if i can find it as I am sure it is still there.  This site of course is great  too and you can email each other and we can also friend each other on FB as well!  



02/04/19 06:52 PM #79    


Mike Vucinic

I like Marks idea. The all years reunion has a small turnout from our group. It would be a good place for casual 

conversation. I am in no matter whatyes

And I win with the best post #


03/24/19 11:02 PM #80    


John Kohn

I'm in too.  I've missed the other reunions and would love to reconnect.  

04/16/19 12:29 AM #81    


Sally Cardinal

I recommend everyone jump on the FB page, HBHS Class of 1979. Plans have been made for a gathering at Sea Legs at the beach for August 16.

04/16/19 05:30 AM #82    

Daniel Bateman

Hoping to be able to get back to make it. Thanks for all the good work on the message forum and site!

04/16/19 11:46 AM #83    


Shari Repecko (Augustin)

Sorry but as long as Chris Andrada is in charge of our reunion I will not join that group 

04/16/19 05:12 PM #84    


Sally Cardinal

Shari, he’s not in charge. Claude Panis is organizing the gathering, at least he posted about it on the FB page. Chris just happens to be the admin on the page.

04/16/19 06:51 PM #85    


Sally Cardinal

04/17/19 06:13 PM #86    

Claude Panis

Hi Shari, yes, Sally is correct -  I’m handling the 40th Reunion, not Chris Andrada.  He is only helping to spread the word on the event because he administrates the Facebook page.  I hope that puts your mind at rest, hope you plan on attending!

06/15/19 04:42 PM #87    

Lynn Potter (Henney)


I’m interested in attending the reunion. I just saw it’s on a Friday. Uggh🙄405 traffic on a Friday.  Please notify me of the details, payment if any. I never check this website is my social email  thanks so much  

Lynn Potter aka Michelle   class of 1979




06/17/19 04:20 AM #88    

Claude Panis

Hello Lynn, there is no charge or registration for the reunion, however because it will be held at a venue on Bolsa Chica State Beach there is a fee to park if you drive.  The venue, Sea Legs, is a short walk from the bus stops at Warner and Pacific Coast Highway if you decide to Uber, Lyft, take a cab or ride the bus.  As of now, there is no cover fee to get in, you would only have to pay for food and drinks if you decide to purchase them.  Hope to see you there!



07/10/19 09:06 PM #89    


Mike Vucinic

Is this going to be a suite and tie event or a shorts and flip flops? does this place have a dress code?

07/10/19 10:50 PM #90    


Kim Wells

Beach Chic Mikey!!!

That means shorts, reyn spooner or the like, quiksilver tshirt, flip flops/thongs, what ever floats your boat.


Woo Hoo!

07/21/19 02:34 PM #91    


Mark Gatlin

 All I can say is that If Mike  shows up in flip-flops and a thong ...  what happens at Bolsa Chica State Beach will definitely not stay at Bolsa Chica State Beach!   Film at 11. 



08/17/19 01:45 PM #92    


Mark Gatlin

What a great reunion last night powered by The Losers!

08/22/19 08:20 PM #93    

David Dahl

Ok, glad that all of you that showed up had a good time. I’m living on the east coast so I wasn’t able to make it. Holy s**t! 40 years! We all look like our parents (gulp! Even grandparents) did back in 1979! 





09/19/19 08:44 PM #94    

Cynthia Stoner

Does anyone live in San Diego, CA?  I'm trying to make some connections form HBHS.  We could hit the beach if anyone is local in SD.  Send me a message or find me on FaceBook.  Cynthia (Cindy) Stoner. 

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